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Our Five Step Process

Our five step process is really designed to develop and nurture our relationship with you as your personal Chief Financial Officer or CFO:


  • Determine if our firm is a fit for you, your personality, attitude and goals.  To accomplish this, we’ll meet with you and discuss our role, philosophy and process as well as find out a little bit about you.


  • Gather your personal financial data.  At this meeting we’ll ask you to bring in your banking and investments statements, tax returns, insurance policies etc.  We’ll also begin to discuss your goals and concerns.


  • Analyze your data and begin to construct your financial plan using Money Guide Pro, a state of the art comprehensive financial planning software.

  • Present our recommendations to help you address your financial goals and begin the implementation process of achieving your goals.


  • Conduct on-going annual reviews to ensure you are on pace to achieve financial freedom.